JULY 8 & 9, 2017

Performances 12:30pm 3:50pm 5:30pm daily
FREE admission

Aerial acrobats, dancers and live musicians reimagine a construction site during Depression era New York City when immigrant workers risked their lives on a daily basis to build the city's iconic skyscrapers. Inspired by 1930s photographs of construction workers and the stories behind them, Only Child Aerial Theatre's poetic physical storytelling revisits how the New York City we know came into existence.

Site specific aerial theatre for INSITU Site Specific Dance Festival @ Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, Queens

Conceived and Directed by Nicki Miller
Created and Performed by: Leo Abel, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Nicki Miller, Sylvana Tapia and Ayla Weisz
Original live music by: Ben Lieberman and Laura Sisskin-Fernandez
Rigging Design and Counterweight System by Benjamin Oyzon

Partner with us

We are honored to be the only aerial company performing in INSITU! 

Since we began in 2011, paving a path for the aerial arts to become more publicly available has been a driving part of our mission.  
The privilege to be a part of this free community festival comes with higher costs for our company because of the expenses associated with producing safe and skillful aerial performance. While our cast and director have gladly donated hours and hours of their time for "Framework"'s creation and rehearsal, we need additional funds to pay our invaluable professional team for their performances. We also need to cover costs associated with safe, dynamic rigging on site, and the costs of transporting aerial and sound equipment to and from the site throughout the process. 

Partner with us to bring FREE performances to our underserved communities! Our partners already include INSITU, Socrates Sculpture Park, The Muse Brooklyn and friends like you!

We are just $1500 away from our goal:


Learn more about the festival including full line-up and locations: CLICK HERE