2016/2017 new victory labworks project


Story Hour began with support from Brooklyn Arts Council and The Muse Brooklyn in 2015. The first workshop was performed at The Muse Brooklyn January 9, 2016. 

Story Hour is currently being developed as part of the 2016/2017 New Victory LabWorks at The New Victory Theater in New York City.

Story by Nicki Miller, Kendall Rileigh, and the ensemble
Directed by Nicki Miller
With Music by Dan Dauchy
Featuring music by Heather Christian & the Arbornauts performed by Laura Sisskin Fernández

The original workshop featured Sloan Bradford, Angela Butch, Danielle Butler,  Julia Halpin, Yoni Kallai, Nicki Miller, Kendall Rileigh and Ayla Weisz.
The original workshop was co-directed by Nicki Miller and Rowen Haigh