an original aerial theatre production

developed by Nicole Valerie Miller and Cassady Rose Bonjo

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Only child aerial theatre presents:



TwoFold is a poetic world of dualities, where the ordinary and extraordinary are two sides of the same coin.


Volleying between the seemingly mundane and the magical and between isolation and collectivity, four unique souls unpack and reconstruct what it means to be whole.

Performed in an intimate, site-specific loft for less than 40 people per evening, TwoFold features aerial dance and acrobatics, live music, overhead projection/shadow puppetry, and a few surprises.

Developed by Nicole Valerie Miller and Cassady Rose Bonjo
Directed by Nicole Valerie Miller
Devised and Choreographed by Nicole Valerie Miller and the Ensemble
Featuring: Cassady Rose Bonjo, Šara Stranovsky, Gil Verrelli, and Ashley Winkfield.
Original Music by Šara Stranovsky and Ashley Winkfield
Production Designer: Cassady Rose Bonjo
Aerial Rigger and technical director: Benjamin E. Oyzon
Production Manager: Ayla Weisz
Creative Collaborator: Kenneth Stephen Neil

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About the collaboration:

Nicole Valerie Miller and Cassady Rose Bonjo

Nicole Valerie Miller and Cassady Rose Bonjo

Cassady Rose Bonjo and Nicole Valerie Miller are long-time friends and colleagues in the New York performing arts scene. Interested in combining their complementary creative ideas as an innovative multi-disciplinary circus artist and a visionary aerial theatre director, they have created a unique performance experience in an unusual performance space. TwoFold emerged from the creative ideas and experiences of CRB and NVM and is being brought to life thanks to a 2019 Brooklyn Arts Council grant awarded to Nicole Valerie Miller/Only Child Aerial Theatre.

Meet the TwoFold team!

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Special Thanks to Brooklyn Arts Council for supporting TwoFold